DogPawSF - We Walk Your Dogs!
If you're on this site, we can already assume that your dog has understandably become an important part of your family! However, we also know that, unfortunately, life in our wonderful city can get a bit hectic. Work, family, friends, pets, traffic, bills, exercise-maybe even a social life? Who has time for it all?
That's where we come in! DogPawSF provides exercise, socialization and an all-around good time for your best four-legged friend. We do so in the form of group off-leash, high energy dog walks, or play groups. Here they learn how to play nice with others, maintain basic obedience skills and run, play, run! When you choose to hire a licensed, insured and bonded walker, you give your dog the ability to be the best dog they can be-and who wouldn't want to do that?
Dogs are very social animals and benefit from time spent with other dogs-their pack as you may have heard it called before. Dogs also have lots and lots of energy-as we're sure you already know! Spending a day at home alone once in a while is not a problem, but if it becomes a dog's daily routine, it can lead to a slew of different issues-physical, behavioral and emotional. 
Benefits of walking-for pups:
*Dogs are intelligent! They need stimulation to exercise their minds in addition to all of that physical exercise. All of those exciting smells, sights and sounds can only be found in one place-on the trail!
*As earlier stated, dogs are social animals-and off-leash adventures are a great socialization tool for them. This give dogs the freedom to sniff and investigate other dogs, encouraging positive social interaction, social skills and the development of "manners". Dogs who don't get the opportunity to socialize often act inappropriately or even aggressively with other dogs.  Socialization is especially necessary in younger pups-spending time with other dogs at a young age helps to result in a well-balanced, "sane" dog!
*Exercise is necessary for all dogs-regardless of age or breed. Maintaining a healthy pet is much easier than dealing with the problems that arise from inactivity such as obesity and canine disease. For good health and well-being, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A regular routine of walking and playtime may be exactly what your dog needs to maintain his health into those later years.
*Your dog isn't home alone all day-but they still get to keep their regular home routine. No crates, no cages and no expensive doggie day cares. 
*A happy dog! No explanation necessary :)
Benefits of walking-for you:
*A helping hand for your busy schedule or for when you're out of town-guilt free!
*Lots of exercise can improve a dog's at-home behavior.That means no more shredded furniture, less barking and a more mellow dog to hang out with when you get home.
*Adequate exercise and socialization will make your walks together more fun! He'll be able to show you all of the "manners" he's learned: less pulling, better interaction with other dogs, better recall- more overall enjoyment for both of you.
*A happy dog! We know you love your dog, and that this is all you want for them.
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