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You have a full life-now your dog can too!
Dog Walking-Play Groups
The adventure starts with Mark or Afton picking up your pup in one of our safe and ventilated trucks, either for the morning or afternoon group. This is decided by wherever your dog fits in the best--due to temperament, size or your schedule if needed. We do also take into account location as much as possible to cut down on car time for the critters. Our packs are limited to eight dogs, to ensure safety and fun for all.
Then we travel to McLaren Park, the second largest park in San Francisco; an off leash paradise full of great hikes, forests, even a swimming reservoir! Due to the location of the park, we are limited to the following neighborhoods: Hayes Valley, Lower Haight, Duboce, Western Addition, USF, NOPA, Upper Haight, Cole Valley, Upper Market, Castro, Noe Valley. I probably missed the names of the little neighborhoods within neighborhoods, so get in touch if you're not sure :)

Walks last 60-75 minutes, but as you know, dogs don't wear watches-so they often run longer! "Walks" involve, running, chasing, fetching, playing, treats, behavior training, and lots of bathroom breaks! If your dog needs to stay on-leash, please don't hesitate to contact us-we can accommodate you!
When everybody is exhausted, we head back to the truck, where everybody gets an initial towel-off before happily hopping back into their luxury ride. Then, the drop-off process begins, going backwards from the pick-up. Dogs picked up first will get dropped off first etc (again, that car time thing!) When we get back to your house, puppers gets a final towel-off and treat and settles in to relax. On an average day, dogs will be out of the house approximately 2 hours.
After each walk, we will provide you with an update via text message, e-mail or even an old-fashioned note-whatever you prefer! Every few weeks, we'll also send you some fun pictures :)
Private walks
We know that all dogs aren't made the same-and group walks may not be the best for everyone! That's why we offer private walks-though availability is somewhat limited. Here are the options:
1.) If either you, or we, think that your dog isn't quite ready for group walks (for whatever reason), then we will start walking them privately and slowly integrate them into a pack environment over a period of about 30-60 days. If it works-awesome! If it seems that maybe your dog is not a great candidate for group walks, we will recommend a great professional who specializes in private walks in your area.
2.) Maybe you're already in our area! We're located in the NOPA / Western Addition area, if you're nearby then we can work out a permanent private walk schedule. 
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